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Litigation within the credit hire ‘vehicle rental industry’ continues despite the combined efforts of Insurers and many Credit Hire Organisations (CHOs).  The major issue is what or which rate is the correct rate?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has developed General Terms of Agreement (GTA) which set out arrangements between subscribing Insurers and CHOs for the supply of rental vehicles to non fault drivers.

The GTA is a voluntary agreement and whilst it has greatly assisted parties to achieve efficient  Claim resolution, some Claims either legitimately operate outside of the GTA or contravene the rules. These ABI-GTA are intra-industry ‘scales of charges’ that do not reference the ‘commercial rates’ that are available to the public.

As a result, there is a demand for the provision of unbiased, independent, CPR compliant comparative Statements and Reports which detail ‘which rate’ is the appropriate rate given the individual specific  case circumstances.

WhichRate (UK) offer this service.

Our experienced personnel have been  involved in the investigation and collation of credit hire related evidence continuously for over a fifteen year period.   WhichRate (UK) has the necessary experience and knowledge to provide appropriate Credit Hire comparator Statements and Reports.

Our fixed fees are reasonable and based on a simple pricing structure for the whole of the UK.

Advice, evidence compilation and presentation is only part of the comprehensive service that we offer. The ability to effectively present the evidence we prepare within the UK’s adversarial Court system is seen by our clients to be a major strength.

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